Maps, menu’s, wine lists, posters, projects,  displays, photographs, educational material, brochures, business cards, name tags, covers, labels - in fact, many paper products can be enhanced and protected by laminating. Using a range of quality polyester based films, Camwell Laminating laminates (encapsulates);

  • 1 or 10,000 items

  • up to 1200 mm wide,

  • up to 5 mm thick

  • in a variety of films.

Our most common films range from 37 to 150 micron in thickness with gloss and matt or satin finishes available.

To maintain pace with such challenges and to enable consistent quality laminating, Camwell Laminating, has available, a selection of specialty films.


“Hi-tack”, “extra-stik” and “superstik” films all contain more aggressive adhesive that are able to bond to a variety of difficult printed surfaces and papers. These films are limited in available weights, widths and finishes, but are constantly expanding.



Cold Mount films (pressure sensitive) in gloss and satin finishes with non-reactive adhesive are available to suit the requirements of the current digital wide-format digital printers.



Camwell Laminating is continually searching for new products and finishes to enhance our laminating range.